La Bey ~ New Slaves (Re~Style) (Video) (@KingLaBey)

Not much production or mixing, just rawness. 
I know that we the new slaves
I see the blood on the leaves
I see the blood on the leaves
But I just want to be free...

Hollywood, West Side, where da cash at?
Debit card, swipe me down, ask for cash back.
ATM automated like a Robot
Greedy banks, paper money... and there’s no jobs
Only professionals, aiming for a decimal.
Signatures on contracts barely even legible.
Stimulants simulating happiness like Lexapro
Scientists imitating God with fake vegetables.
I see the blood on the leaves
Just like my nana warned me
about that southern strange fruit,
bodies swinging in the trees.
Bodies swaying in the breeze,
they used to hang us from the trees
with a rope made of hemp
thats how they choked us with the weed
But now we’re choking on the coke
and cook it hard when we’re broke.
My whole neighborhood’s asleep
Nodding off from the dope.
Nodding off from a joke,
‘Cause we’d rather not cope,
We’d rather glorify the “trap”
Rest in peace to the rap.
Rest in peace to the nation
who rose above segregation.
Faces smashed against the pavement
Fire-hose type abrasion
Just to make a simple statement
that we’re tired of enslavement
we’ve been patiently waiting
for this freedom that we’re tasting.
I taste the blood on my lips
the same shade of red on the leaves
its not about the cars or keys
its not about the heels or weaves
We’ve just forgotten whats important by snoring
through mornings investing in
jordans, locked up in the courts and
dreaming of leasing the corner
by dealing and pushing, ignoring
the premise of what is
real estate and property,
improperly taking “turf” by force
shockingly, in the absence of someone fatherly,
little boys assuming a role that no one is proud to be.
But we’re allowed to be angry, embarrassed, exposed
by where we ought to be...there’s no one stopping me!
it’s got to be prophecy,
through unity we can fix community
cause were trapped by the matrix
only if we choose to be.
We built the pyramids,
but it appears as if
we traded it all in for a lease at the dealership
I drive a mothership, ‘cause I’m on some other shit
whats a drivers license when you own a rocket ship?
There a huge exciting galaxy beyond the hood
beyond the liquor store, and the laundromat, and the check cashing hut,
and the store front church...
so don’t wish upon a star, because you already are one.
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