The Welfare Poets ~ A.L.B.I.Z.U (I'll Be Zoo) (Video) (@thewelfarepoets)

We have been on this journey for 20 plus years pushing the Welfare Poets. Over that time the band has had different manifestation of itself from our first album released back in 2000 to our last album. On this journey, there have been many ups and downs. One of the greatest things that has happened to the group began over 12 years ago when we were running an after school Hip Hop workshop in Harlem and a young 16 year old came in the class. Little did we know then that this young Puerto Rican Harlem emcee/beat producer would push us to keep going and never stop with this movement. It is with great honor and pride that we release this video, "A.L.B.I.Z.U. - I'll Be Zoo" featuring no other than the "Legendary M.I.C." aka "Problem Child" aka "Daddy Harlem" and also known as the "Ill Sonic Assassin". No hooks straight haymakers. Pump this and forward it far and wide.
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