SA-ROC ~ BLACK GOD THEORY (Produced by: Sol Messiah) (@sarocthemc @solmessiah)

"My goal is to break down all walls that hold in creativity, spirituality and mental abilities. music has gotten boring to me so i decided to go some where else. as the project materializes you will understand why i titled the album Nebuchadnezzar"-sa-roc

They said I was a walking contra-diction black and intelligent the cerebellum heavy like a gatlin- fiction. I got a whole crew that’ll murder you mathematically, subtract your existence. High priests in white robes moonlight in street clothes, dropping moorish science like the last benediction. shift on them devils with 7 conducting metals we on the 11th level, try to catch us-wishing.

This is that 5th dimension high power thesis. black god-have me on your piece like I’m jesus. resurrect the game in 48 bar releases. then watch me take the throne beside messiah in the kingdom. Cuz I greet with peace don’t mean the battle gon be easy. I got goons divining runes in rooms under the Giza. Carving out the glyphs of my legend on my stela. Sa-roc take the mic and turn the echo into ether.

Stand ready for the era of the black god

We kill em softly on the micro when the track hard

Hit the stage and create sages outta trap stars

im free agent dropped the label, watch me blast off.

Just call me the one but im not one to mess with, genetic engineered you, took one egg to make your flesh with, held the masterpiece then stamped my name with double exes, formed your whole world and on the 7th day I rested. domestic goddess honey-I can bring the house down. I’ll nat turner you, kill the master, and bring the south down. Blaze the underground until I catch up with the north star. Then I’m free styling, center stage, now turn the lights down.

I will not be your perception of a female with a mic. Cuz I do not choose to stimulate erections when I write. I am Nina with a loaded smith and Wesson when I write. Saying Mississippi gotdamn I’m exceptional on the mic. Open worm holes with word play, build shrines with sound mastery, I’m shaman, watch me sundance. lost chicks play butch Cassidy. no chemical enhancement I just rock this shit naturally. its all black everything ask 9th and queen rapsody.

My starseeds bring raw heat to your doorstep, dance circles round your verses have you dizzy with their fourstep. You forced it, my crew flow like first blood, moon water. my voice got you trapped inside my forcefield-new orbit. I’m meteoric rising. But you don’t see my light in the media cuz the tv be lying, my cd too morbid. It kill crack dealing rap with hard beats and a moral. I’m superhero rock a “S” with amber beads and red coral.

I’m taking off in so tally up the scoreboards so they can see who won. I started last now i save lives with bass and 2 speakers, while them crab rappers lag, eat moondust off my sneakers. Need I repeat this, my speech left yall speechless, now yall research my words like white coats and glass beakers. My mind primed to detonate your rhymes like minesweeper. when it blow watch the sky that’s where my best lines are featured.
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