Midnite ~ Be Strong

'BE STRONG' release, scheduled for may 15 2013. 

For the Poor
Be Strong
As I n I describe for you,
Illusion is the weapon to make ones unsure...
Be Strong
When the bottom came to the top it was gritty
They were planning in the youth streams for gold
What's the next big sound...
Speaking the love and the pain of the streets...
Of living life..be you
Grab those in the highest bigger of you
And give them incentive for more.
It's still just war (Joshua)
Give them ah counsil... Give them ah teaching Jah
Give of the law...in Judah is the LawGiver...yeayyy
Everytime they say Jah Jah, the Judiciary deya (there yah)
And consider...that all man from Earth need order Jah!!!
Create a job...and be self assured,
This' the body politic seed; control.
Well all the people say so... is the government
So educate them to know is important....
To be asking before escalation demand...
Tragedy always gain
As history...what the ghetto see!?!
Rocket to the strata from globe
Whoever is doing something...that's how possibilities go!!!
It's still just war, give them ah counsil, give them ah teaching Jah
Give of the law... in Judah is the Law Giver
Everytime they say judge...and the judiciary deya
And consider... that all man of Earth need order Jah!!!
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