KALIK SCIENTIFIC ~ DEAR MISERY (Video) (@Kalikscientific)

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Dear misery, i've decided that i'm done with the foolishness/ its love that i'm moving wit/knew you didn't have enough/ tried to give you some of mine took it told you add it up/ this is round the summer time/ opened up the sunroof living like we colorblind/ we seen it all state to state time to cross another line/ it was never hood enough/ it was never good enough/ always bein critical seems you're never looking up/ something on the path changed often you would act strange/ relationships that never healed i could feel your back pain/ listen this is therapy/ this is for the both of us/ gotta live healthily/ chakras never opened up/ gotta get heavenly/ rage in the atmosphere/ love you but i gotta go change i aint lasting here/ heading for the runway/ making sure the path is clear/ bright like a sun ray/ forget it/ you get one life and lets live it/ one in the body thousand others in the spirit/ was tired of that music you get dumber when you hear it/ so i turned it off/ turned on myself/ and i became the song/ a living mantra for the day i'm gone/no one one to blame it own/ we put ourselves under a spell like drug addiction its alright until the loves missing/ its time i tell you that/ natures gotta take its own course there's no welcome mat/ when home aint your home no more you gotta tell em that

hook: I don't wanna be with you no more 2x

Dear Babylon, it seems every place that i've been/ it never lasts long its changing again/ for the better though scenes we aint never know/ belize maybe mexico/ winter time used to have to freeze like a eskimo/ divorced from my homeland/ living as a nomad lifes just a program/ gotta know the viruses / fight like i'm conan/ shouldn't try to label me i aint rocking no brand/price gets unsavory/ quit the corporate life alright you're done slaving me/ be my own money alright you're done paying me/ i'm done hating me/ ready for abundance now/ aint trying to face another cloud/i aint making underground/ music for the corpses/ this is for living.. beauty is my office/ working on this harmony/ art is just a part of me/ ask me what it cost it/ wasn't what i thought it be/ heavens what they offered me/ i just had to leave hell and never return/ thought i learned better but its better to learn/ aint no doubt now and never concerned/ so dear babylon/ dear evil/ dear hate dear africom/ dear nato/ tv and dear radio/ dear pepsi/ dear coke/ dear market/ dear kmart/ stores and dear target/dear shame dear fear/ dear apartments/ glad that we parted/ dear procrastination we aint never get it started/ dear public school/ dear president/ dear congress/ dear greed i'm leaving dear hesitance/ dear hospital staff and dear medicine/ dear job/ dear religion/ dress stress my friend/ i'm done here no encore no etcetera/ i turn around take a look back and tell america
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