Papoose ~ The Nacirema Dream ((Album)) (@Papooseonline)

The long-awaited debut studio album from Papoose

I been working on this album my entire life those of you who followed me over the years know and have the material to prove it.  As I grew up in bed stuy bkln I kept record and jotted down the struggle pain blood sweat tears and joy of myself and all the others that I experienced and witnessed in this country. This album is a complete reflection of that story. 
1 of the reasons why I chose this title is because people from all different corners of the world risk their lives to come to this country in search of the AMERICAN DREAM people go to work for from 9 to 5 in search of the AMERICAN DREAM people commit crimes risk they freedom. some even lose their lives in search of the AMERICAN DREAM, which brings me to the conclusion that no matter what race color or creed you are, this is something that all of humanity has in common and through this title I can communicate with the world! From a artistic standpoint if you write the word american on a sheet of paper and place it in a mirror the reflection will read NACIREMA. A reflection is just a image and 9 times out of 10 a image is not real which brings us to the question is the american dream even real?  I hope you enjoy it but more importantly i hope you learn from it peace

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