Jasiri X ~ Started From The Top, But Now We Here (@jasiri_x)

We're the original literal or biblical we're the pinnacle 
physical or spiritual it was learned from our umbilical 
all of science in general to the highest identical 
came alive in his image too these ain't lies that I'm giving you 
now we act like niggas who shake they ass for the biggest jewels 
satisfied with spending til we win the crown for richest fool 
calling our mothers and daughters bitches too 
our community's dead and this is living proof 
when a 6 month old baby's killed it's crazy real 
to survive you need the amazing skill of a navy seal 
no wonder why they wave the steal took under by the hate they feel 
til satan waits to make a deal like sign and you'll be raking mills 
video on worldstarr tv show on VH1 
a knife to the lords heart can't remember where we came from 
we started from the clouds 
now we stuck inside the ghetto tell me how could we be proud 

and to the esteemed family of emmitt till 
I do not cosign what these other rap niggas feel 
wishing I could kill em still or teach em till I give em skills 
Life and death what I'm spitting real every rhyme is a living will 
and while yall contributed to that Molly craze 
the NYPD killed Kimani Gray 
3 shot to his back while he was running away 
Now these big gangsta rap niggas got nothing to say 
Oh I thought you was busting the K 
see the police now you got ya tail tucking to skate 
What's up with em Jay? You ain't touchin em Ye? 
Where TI and Luda are they stuck in the A? 
Imagine having one stop hustling day 
take the hood to the precinct till they shutting the place 
We want justice for Gray Kimani and Ramarley Graham 
Trayvon, Rekia Boyd, Rekia Boyd, Noel Polanco, Oscar Grant 
don't be surprised when niggas start poppin back 
mourners in the ghetto reading Dorner's manifesto 
praise the Lord and pass the metal 
cause we on the bottom now 
don't mean we can't take the power push them cowards outta bounds

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