DJ M-Rock & The Notorious B.I.G. ~ The Biggie Remixes ((Mix)) (@MRockGotBeats)

This is production – my new beats and scratched in hooks, intros & outros under verses from Biggie. If you’re someone who enjoys my mixtape intros full of beats and cuts, you’ll love this project. I want fans to take notice that my passion is sound and music, in more ways than just as a DJ. I got lucky flipping some old samples from the 70s, and got lucky producing entire songs from scratch using my laptop, keys and guitar. -M-Rock

Download at on.fb.me/Y4S3rP

Sky’s The Limit: This is me all on my College Dropout flex. I love that soul sound Kanye invented.

Kick In The Door: Trying to pay homage to the original by keeping it real empty and head noddy. Had a lot of fun with the cuts…It’s production after all, not beatmaking.

Come On ft. Sadat X: A lot of hardcore hip-hop fans haven’t even heard this song, yet we all refer to the last verse on it as Biggie and Tupac’s “Garden Freestyle”. This track was so much fun to make, and made me feel so cool to cut like Preemo on the end. I’ve always wanted to cut simple and funky like that.

  Dead Wrong: I played 95% of this, and it was a lot of fun to make. I love that rock vibe of certain hip-hop, and how it’s sometimes more musical than the choppy sample stuff. “Gun by my side just in case I have to run!” (Listen to it, you’ll know what I mean).

Crush On You: Another beat that’s 1% sampled, that is, I played everything else in it…This was done in 2006, and was sitting on the shelf. It clicked one day when I was trying out some ideas. It’s dope when you feel excited about your own stuff for a change. Some artists feel that way all the time, and have no idea their shit sucks! I’m the opposite – not a great thing, but eh, it is what it is.

One More Chance (Stay With Me): Totally inconsistent with the tape because it’s all Drake’d out but it’s cool, breezy and it’s nice.
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