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EnLighten UP ~*~
My people, 
Into the singularity we go... Though putting a finger on the black dot is like touching a needle. 

This requires your full attention, though no effort to experience. 
Its only an extension of our impulses senses. 
The body is too preoccupied if acidic. It takes an alkaline mind to comprehend its multi dimensions which are beyond genres, styles, cultures, races and religions. Like a secret language that is always in conversation, showing how things are in relation. As soon as a mind could think, 
an eye could blink, a mouth could speak, a heart could beat, whenever we we breath its all in sync and then repeats. 
The predictability of each moment and involuntary movement could be calculated and measured by counting the spirit of rhythm and seeing the shapes and colors of tone. From the lowest brown bass to the highest yellow treble. Fast to slow. Seeing with your ears and listening with your eyes. I'm trying to put a finger on something that is very illusive, so you have to be able to grasp the abstract and now just how "Ntr" active the psycho spiritual consciousness of rhythm and tone is. 
Everything is involved, and when pinpointing its singularity it is solved. 
Say for instance, we could see how rhythm is beyond time. If you watch any prerecorded media. Pay attention to someones eyes blinking and other involuntary movements. How does this relate to you? Just seeing the "windows to the soul" shows how we are all one behind the scenes. Now tapping into the neurological map, we will get a response back, either rhythmic or tonal. Another example is if I think of a melody internally, something externally compliments its tone. How could something prerecorded interact with the moment of now? Even if your thought is quicker than the picture, the spirit is the watcher and listener and will consider it. Its just that playful and sensitive. Though, how significant is this psychic phenomena? Its with us wherever we are. From the barking dog, to the passing car. The buzzing humming bird to the slowly growing fungus. Whether we pay attention to it or not. I have bared witness to this consciousness pervading all lifeforms from the frequency of cycles per second to cycles of seasons. So, it seems, when the wind blows, Its voice speaks in syllables, delivering spiritual info.


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