NYOIL ft. Kenny Mayo – Never Again (Prod. by !llmind)

Beat courtesy of Illmind Productions

These slaves learned to worship their chains now they're worshiping change but the slave still remains
now the slave ships no longer remain but the cargo contained from strain is scarred and deranged
Who is god if gods body's detained and the wicked roam free and the devil rules and reigns
What is man if he forfeit his free will
it's like action at a stand still
Lions shouldn't make pacts with men and snakes have no friends thus nature of things will not bend
Hence lions deal with lions not lying cause when lions lie with liars then the lions start dying
Force on force lost in the seas and toss in the waves the slaves first holocaust
gen after gen from the plantation to the penaten check the 13th amend now we slaves yet again
peep the words when dreams get differed the analogy is that of an artist who's vision is blurred
how u reform what been deformed if you accept it as the norm and your true self is gone...
Bred to brain dead do what he do say what he said cattle that's corn fed sheep to be led
maybe it's part of a larger prophetic maybe some trendy aesthetic from a hermetic perspective it's just plain pathetic
lost in space lost in time time out of place culture displaced sense of self replaced none to embrace
trapped in a stasis r my ancestors forced me to face this and then
Shango I speak your greatness i greet the vast innerspace as if weightless to make this
My wisdom born from knowing the ledge to understanding at it's foundation arm leg leg arm head

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