God Hop Radio Episode 3

Let me loose. They me got by the noose. they’ll make you into martyr if you argue with their truth. So we just bare our tooths, and lips of candy apple grin, while eyes buck and shoot. Them legs shuck and groove. Cuz money over everything, them dummies running everything, and sometimes I get tired of hiding out in the booth. But lately im not excited to write I stay aloof cuz theyre unscrupulous and theres no interest lest they think they finna screw. And theres no use. Im immaculate. You couldn’t understand my conception without direction from the east. Your rhymes ejaculate, you wasting words like seeds that’s out of season trying to feed the people with a breed of bitter fruit they cannot eat. Lets call the priests. I will frankincense and myrrhder you, I’ll serve you my body of work with red wine and lines blessed with holy water, you’ll be shook by miraculous vernacular I’ll back you in the corner while you bouncing trying to hold your water.
Like or not they cant kill me cuz im immortal. I’m stopping bullets with Pulitzer winning quotes from my journal. Im earning my keep, I got em all pressing play and repeat as they try and decipher life of a starseed amongst the sheep. Trying to wean em from the poison milk they suckle from her teat, babies choke on hopelessness as they are smothered from her greed. Crack babies born in the eighties was a troubled time indeed. And I was one of the millions who flourished in spite of need. I pull dopeness from oceans of hurt and anger im putting love back into music and pray it could be a banger. Cuz mama I want to sing and Im sick and tired like hamer. Im aching in all my joints for a joint that’ll change the game and Im naming it g-o-d hop to see if the gods’ll claim it. Will we take the crown or will the devils take the blame and take the desperate out the hood and turn the shameless into famous. Let me lay down this here track and ask the goddess if she’ll save us. Yes I will.
I’m baptized as I type these hieroglyphs on white sheets, mic check then lay it down like sins of a contrite thief. Lighter than a featherweight, I’m seven straight no chaser use these bricks to build my ship I’m bout to launch from the equator. Turn the fader up and let that bassline tickle your spine. After the snare and high hat rest, you can’t resist and hit the rewind. Cuz im jeweling, silver tongued and amber hued, I’m huey newton, Johnathan Jackson, pour out the yac for history’s finest. Never forget. This is street philosophy from scholars hardened from callous mamas and missing fathers they scraping pavement to eat and they chasing paperthin dollars. Who am I to silence greatness grown from hatred of where you started? I went from basement apartment to being basically solid. On top of the pyramid signalling sirius for departure. Terrestrial life is stressing me out so pass me the kava. It’s difficult to explain this so imma go even harder. Im god living on earth playing human to sold out audience.

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