Rebel Diaz ~ Revolution Has Come (Video)

Off the upcoming album, Radical Dilemma.

Our goal with this song is to convey the message that Revolution is Love. It's what no one can take away from our communities- love for humanity. In the face of structural violence like racism, underfunded schools, and inadequate housing, our weapons of defense are education, sustainability, and community building. We don't promote voting every 4 years, we say vote everyday with your actions and serve the community!


INTRO (Speech)

It is time!
It is time that everybody understand,
We been trying to move this struggle from a lower to a higher level!
All the people who sacrificed their lives,
We understand that fascism exists in America!
And we are going to create, an American liberation front,
To combat the avaricious businessman, the demagogic politician,
And the fascist pig cops who murder, brutalize, and terrorize the people.
The people!
The future!
The very near, near future!

Revolution! (4x)
Revolution has come!
Time to pick up the gun!
Revolution! (2x)
Time to pick up the gun!

The unemployed graduate, the teachers ain't having it

Cameras everywhere but the kids is gangbangin'
This ain't a war on drugs, it's a war on the 'hood
The Democrats and Republicans both up to no good.
They both got in bed with the multi-nacionales

They sendin' us to prison instead of sending us to college
The janitor's mop can't clean the situation 

When the dictator of a nation is called a corporation

Swear to God on my mama, never supported Obama
I'm a Chicago Riot Starter like a Haymarket Martyr
I'd rather focus on the streets organizing the tribes

Go against the grain, and know that I tried

I'm not into working backwards, I'm talkin' direct action

I'm talkin' fighting for freedom
for the poor and working classes

I won't work for reform, this is for my unborn
I'm putting on a ski mask and this weapon is drawn


Muchas pistolas, we quick to reach for the holsta
This is the culture of violence in which I've grown up
They say "Grow up, make a livin'" in these miserable conditions
Schools look more like prisons and they shuttin' down the clinics
If employment ain't an option, you ain't got sh*t, what you do?
Where you go if you foreclosed, and your payment past due?
Ask you, is it worth it? The Earth on its last pulses
Oil and blood thirsty, they rapin' the resources
Days is getting darker, but it's light that I offer
No divide and conquer, I'm talkin' people power
Hours tickin' hurry hurry, get yo ticket for the future
Identify the problems and move on to the solutions
You should be involved, Build, Show Love
That's step number 1, instead of shootin' them guns
Run copper, we united! No more internal fightin'
Might just run up on the precinct,
No justice, No peace, this is...



I wanna say stop the violence,
I wanna say the violence ain't good
But you can't ask me to tell 'em
Stop the violence,
Cuz I cant tell nobody who's hungry, what to do,
Unless I'm ready to feed 'em.

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