KRS-One Build on Hip Hop and the Role of the MC

Before you write your next lyrics, make your next beat, or perform your next concert ask youSELF #HowDoYouWantToBeREMEMBERED???

(The Year) 2100 will have this tape. We in 2007 (2012) are 2100's ancestors TODAY! We are not our present selves today...We are Ancestors. Realize you are an ancestor right NOW in Hip-Hop.... Hip-Hop is not CREATED yet. It won't be CREATED for at least another 100 years. WE are still creating it. Recognize this, YOU are the Pioneers of Hip Hop RIGHT NOW!!!! ~ Knowledge Reigns Supreme! ! !

While in London after a gig in 2007 KRS-One talks to a small group of media and Hip Hop industry heads on Hip Hop and the Role of the MC.
Do the 1...

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