Substantial Ft. Kenn Starr & Kokayi ~ Grateful (Prod. By M-Phazes) (Single)

Featuring Kenn Starr; Kokayi 
Producer: M-Phazes

from Home Is Where The Art Is, released 04 September 2012

Grateful ft. Kenn Starr & Kokayi 

HOOK (Kokayi) 
Hey, if somehow I find a way 
Just to make through today 
I will say that I'm so grateful 
If I die before the break of day 
There is nothing more to say 
But for the time we've shared, I'm so grateful 

Verse 1 (Kenn Starr) 
I re-emerge back from the ashes 
Born again back from the past tense 
Sorta like The Passion, the backlash from them back lashes 
Our future and our present and past sins wrapped in 
A sacrifice, askin' myself if I'm rappin' 
For the right reasons, scared cuz it seems if 
A lifetime dream might be just for season 
If that's the case then how am I 'sposed to leave it 
Believe that I could do this forever and a day 
But to God man forever is a day 
So I'm set up either way, 
Tryna find answers 
Yeah a nigga pray, wondering if mine answered 
Like gettin' a catscan and hopin' that they don't find cancer 
I'm hopin' that all my fans stand up 
Show me your support and tell me you still listen 
Lemme know if its cool to keep it real for a minute 
Let's build for a minute can anybody relate to 
Being in the game strugglin' to stay faithful 
Not to a lover or a significant other 
But the morals instilled when you was lil' from your mother 
But still it's a mother navigating through an industry 
Infatuated with hatin' and friends turn to enemies 
Saturated with the temptation to take a turn towards 
Chasin' the fame and admiration ain't tryna burn for it 


Verse 2 (Substantial) 
When my last experience has been acquired 
And I arrive at the date I will expire 
I hope I am surrounded by extraordinary folks that I admire 
And hopefully a few that I've inspired 
Nothing here is certain, except the show must end and they'll eventually close the curtain 
But will my life be worthy of an encore 
Or standing ovation, man I'm so gracious 
Even though I put in more work than job core 
Walking the line between heartfelt and hardcore 
Transforming pages into little paper Concordes 
So I can travel the sky before I live in it 
No regrets y'all if my all's what I'm giving in it 
This song ain't about what I should've did different 
Just appreciatin' each moment up to this minute 
This Kick, this Snare, this Bar 
I'm ecstatic that I've made it this far, this heart 
Could've cease to beat and I would hardly be seizing beats 
Or even see my seed or greet peeps with "Peace" 
I would rest in it, that's a definite 
And my goal's to never quit 'til I'm a resident 
Of a casket or better yet an earn 
The sun will shine forever while you burn baby burn 
Last words to my daughter would be learn baby learn 
And make your mark 
Can't break your spirit even though they might break your heart! 


Dedicated to our family and friends 
To our worldwide supporters and fans 
Just had to take time to say that... 
I'm so grateful! 
QN5 Music 
Low Budget 
I'm so grateful

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