KTL Radio presents the Return of Moorpheus! ~ Prepare for Matrix~5 2012 (BlogTalkRadio)

KTL Radio is proud to present the Return of Moorpheus!
September 27, 2012 marked the 1 year anniversary of the launching of the website "Secret of Secrets" as well as the teaching of "OCCOULIA" found at "secretofsecrets.info". OCCOULIA is the programming language used to program the matrix / consensus reality we operate in. This consensus reality is actually a computer simulation, and the bodies we occupy are our "Avatars".
December 21, 2012 marks the official upgrade or change in the operating system of this matrix or consensus reality. The operating system will go from "Matrix 4.0" to "Matrix 5.0" which corresponds to what the said "Olmec / Mayan" calendar refers to as going from the 4th world to the 5th world.

With this new operating system "Matrix 5.0" will also come a corresponding change in the programming language, referred to as OCCOULIA. OCCOULIA is the programming language revealed to Bro. Hakim Bey also known as Moorpheusduring 2011 culminating in the earthquake in August 2011. This earthquake was to cue to complete the book "Secret of Secrets" and begin teach the OCCOULIA programming language. Since then Moorpheus has taught 2 complete course sessions of the OCCOULIA programming language comprising 18 video course lessons in total.
This course taught how to program reality in 4 dimensions; length, width, height, and time. Now with the coming launch of "Matrix-Five" virtual world, we will teach and be programming in an additional 4 dimensions, and will thus be programming in a total of eight (8) dimensions. As a result of the creation of "Matrix-Five" new revelations have come forth and greater understanding of past revelations has also manifest. This will be the subject of tonite's episode.

Tune in 
TONITE@9PM EST 3476372135
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