J. Pinder ~ Illuminate f. Choklate (prod. Kuddie Fresh)

On his new single leading up to the release of the DJ Skee Careless Redux mixtape, "Illuminate", J. Pinder gives fans a glimpse inside his rapid fire mind and a glimpse of things to come. Over a dreamy Kuddie Fresh beat that utilizes a music box loop and a solid interpolation of a classic break, Pinder waxes philosophic about times past, times to come and the ability to be present in the moment. J. listens to his inner dialog and peels it apart layer by layer until all is still and the illusions of material wealth, fame and fortune evaporate showing the world as it is. A powerful chorus by Chokolate provides an analog to the voice inside of all of us - calling out to the conscious mind, "I can hear you / I feel so close to you". It is a universal struggle and it happens moment by moment. On Illuminate Pinder expresses his struggle and the struggle of all people to hold on to those things most important. His final words from the last verse speak volumes, "I been in and out again Talking bout my consciousness / Scrambled up like omelets is Accomplishment, shines through like I promised it / Would eventually, this moments meant for me Clarity, sincerity, honesty and empathy."

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