The chains of religion will be removed. We are exploring the innards of the Bible to expose its guts and ancestral glory. We all owe our ancestors our honor in having had enough wisdom in the past to still control the world in the future. Let us explore the life changing principles lodged deep in their ancient erotic dramatic and profound mythology which still dominates the minds of the world. Do you really believe in your ancestors? If so come out Los Angeles on 11/11/12 to the world reknown KRST UNITY CENTER. Come and see me show the quality minds in attendance the actual shape, use and function of biblical scipture. Come peep the chaldean (KUSHITE) triple entendre. Come and be part of History. This film will be apart of a movie. Talks are also going on pertaining to do a live stream of the 11/11/12 event. Stay tuned. 11/11/12 krst unity center 6pm to 9pm. ALSO: Come and buy the highly acclaimed new title by our Brother @Sadiki Bakari http://www.sadikibakari.com/other-side-of-fear.html "On the other side of Fear is God". AS WELL: Come and get the Highly anticipated Easter Presentation by the "Holliday Hit Man" Bro @Okera Damani. This is going to be a Historical Event. Stay tuned to all the news pertaining to it. This is about your spiritual Freedom. This is your Movement hidden in Religion. You are the Divine Word of the Ancestors Hotep, Peace, As Salam Alaikum, "LATA SUN!"

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