StarChile ~ I Luv U (Video)

StarChile presents a narrative of LUV.... From the misuse of the term to its misinterpretation.

Love Hell Or Right...
Love is the Supreme Und3rstandinG. Many possess this eMotion and have failed to cope with it. It has been proven to be a handicap. Those who have gotten over this burden realize that LOVE is Und3rstandinG and not 2 separate qualities. Love brings on Und3rstandinG. Hatred can be caused by what you don't Und3rstand.
Hell is the home of the ignorant (those who lack KnowLedge of self). Show your Love by manifesting your KnowLedge of Self thru your Wisdom.

KnowLedge the Wisdom to Bring forth LOVE (Und3rstandinG)

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