I’m teleporting thru dimensions intentional rhyme ascension from root to the crown extension. Im raising your comprehension. chronically bomb dissenters with sonically charged offensives. Just watch for the throne the moment we take it is gon be senseless. The immortals- rebirthing distorted rappers I spit on imported tracks from the ethers. Godbody emceeing, if knowing is half the battle then victory’s mine I’m leaving. Just give my condolences to the families that I left grieving. Lord forgive me humility don’t come easy. Phenomenal abilities got my ego needing appeasing. I really don’t need a reason. Just gimmee a beat and a beacon. I’ll beckon you forth with my voice and the light that you must’ve forgot you were seeking. Hardship is only a season. each cycle ends, new ones begin and every change has a meaning. I know that they mean well but best femcee just sounds demeaning. Im besting my opponents with testes or ovaries and im next in line and if there’s no objections I’ll keep leading.

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