Gensu Dean ~ Lo-Fi Fingahz ((Album))

Is this album a “classic?” It is for the listener to decide, to discern after the album has been properly absorbed. I can say that Gensu Dean’s strict adherence to timeless qualities is abundantly apparent in Lo-Fi Fingahz and in all of his work for that matter. At the end of the day, what more can anyone ask of an artist and their creation? Did Stradivari, Picasso or Hughes and their corresponding admirers apply the term “classic” immediately after experiencing their works of art? One may never know. What is for certain: only time can prove which art will last and which will fade into obscurity. There is NOTHING standard about Gensu’s debut album. It is with great appreciation of the blueprint of Hip Hop’s timeless sound, that Gensu Dean so masterfully shares his passion with the world.

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