Father Divine (Reflectionz/His~Story)


A lot of us, especially the Hip Hop generation, use the word "peace" as a greeting.  Believe it or not, but this man is the one who originated that.  Not only that but he had an impact on the man who would later become known as Father Allah, creator of the Nations of Gods and Earths, also known as 5 Percenters.  That alone is a lot of Hip Hop history right there, just think of how many rappers say "Peace God" on the mic.  Father Divine helped introduce many people (not limited to the black community) to the concept of God in man.

Father Divine (1876-1965)(aka: Reverend Major Jealous Divine, The Messenger and George Baker) founder of the International Peace Mission Movement, was one of the first black preachers to preach the power of positive thinking. Consuming Harlem, New York in his aura, his phrase "PEACE!" was always met by "Thank You Father!"  He was one of the first black preachers to have a luxury sedan and even had a throne placed in the middle of it. He owned multiple businesses and was said to never have collected an offering (publicly). He believed he was God "condescended" to man and was the only true expression of God's Spirit on earth. He was arrested for lunacy in 1914.

"Then I say, in reference to the condescension of GOD to Israel, this was merely an expression to the Israelites and to those who were called Jews. GOD appeared to them at that time, in the time of need, the same as I appeared in this dispensation, in and at the time of great depressions, lacks, wants and limitations; at the time of your need..."When every human agency and every human possibility shall have failed you, then and only then will GOD appear; for GOD cannot work effectively, neither can HE appear to be seen distinctly wheresoever other things are represented and considered. Therefore those things must come to their destination, andman must come to his complete extremity, that GOD might have an opportunity to come; even so much as to come, and especially that GOD might have an opportunity to be ushered into expression and be considered before the masses. For this cause, it was essential and it has always been, for GOD to appear at the time and in places where HE is most needed. That is the mystery." 

(Found on the 144000 site...Do the 1 and Read the Full Article HERE)

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