Tiye Phoenix ~ Machine Killa (Dustin 'Em) ((Single))

2012 NEW TIYE PHOENIX "MACHINE KILLA(DUSTIN' 'EM")" Since today, we celebrate the life/legacy of MLK, 1 of the greatest challengers against the "machine" who ever lived, I found it more than fitting 2 release this song from my upcoming TP TRANSIT TO ILLUMINATION (not EP- but TP, my initials). In the long-standing war of (wo)man vs."machine",know our victory is assured.Lots of newness 2 come.Thanks 4 listening & supporting.

Verse 1: 

yeah, what goes around comes back around 
so slap me a pound cuz Im back in town 
& tell those other rapper clowns I aint backin down 
rap need to graduate I got the cap and gown 

they all pawns in the machine white black and brown 
but royalty is in my genes so i snatched the crown 
Tiye P, the people's queen thats why Im yellin F you like Cee Lo Green 

she's so mean, superhuman Elohim, cadence in and out of tracks I am free-floating 
this aint no publicity stunt, I track bangers 
keep the beef I skipped the black angus 
slap brainless machine rappers like you honeybun 
your days shorter winter solstice 12-21 
watching you come undone, pseudo rappin clone 
im from the 8th dynasty the baddest throne 

Queen Tiye Kemet's finest see my status known 
and those who live in glass homes shouldnt cast stones 
but I built the pyramids so I can carry boulders 
shootin lasers at haters out my areolas 

gimme an atom Im an alchemist I crack it open 
we all from the same melanated blackest ocean 
machine rappers on the track talkin smack boastin.. 
lyrics lack substance beats lack emotion... 

but the gods have awakened so I know they hear us 
your whole style is kush & glass, smoke and mirrors 
serious- nothing left we can discuss with em 
killin the machine what I mean is we dustin em 

Chorus: Dust Dustin Em, Dust we Dust dustin em 
Dust dustin em dust we dust dustin em 
Why we crushin em? 
We never trusted em.. 
the last days of the machine; dustin em 

Verse 2 

I am the ph the oe the ni you know the rest 
see my attire is wisdom Im never overdressed 
rap with a higher conviction thats why the flow is blessed 
converting to veganism dont want the molded flesh 

the modern mind is pitiful, a corroded mess 
u take the Bible literal, but its a coded text 
man they so oppressed, mentally 2 enslaved 
Christians and Muslims r still fighting the Cru-sades? 
we're on a new page, we on the next plane 
u playin checkers but ur in a chess game 

respect change, the universe is goin there 
earthquakes, 10million degree solar flares 
& I dont own a wide screen plasma television 
the extra low frequencies will zap ur intuition 
murder ur magnetism, fill ur aura with holes 
I dont pity these zombies,dont feel sorry for those 

theyre heart chakras are closed and I can see 
cuz I can read a heart just like an E-K-G 
u can tell the way i style it,no she aint ME 
cuz I bring the ultraviolet H-E-A-T 
numbing ur pain and puffin on ya T-H-C 
but the fact remains, its plain that we aint free 
cuz we cant see - what happened to the open-minded thinker 
they sell it and the people buy it hook line and sinker 

distorted and distracted their mentality's boxed in (drop out all instruments except Jamaican voices&drums) 
emitting lower vibes like a poisonous toxin 
mix the truth w/lies & call it a doctrine 
they leavin us with no other option 
time to start dustin em 


Verse 3 

Rappers say the speak reality when on the microphone 
They need to be teachin you how you can create your own 
abundance is your birthright you supposed to have it 
they got that slave syndrome huh? post traumatic 
come out the machine & choose the infinite 
unplug from it like acoustic instruments 
the Matrix already explained this the time's late 
the Machine is not a man its a mindstate

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