Kalik Scientific ~ Phoenix KinG ((Single))

Kalik Scientific is a man that's calm/ look me up in amazon/ lyrics made the globe look/ still I bought my own book/ lived through earthquakes while my throne shook/ acquired facts/ standing in the rubble of the greatest empire that/ crumbled into ash in the fire trapped/ spoke so deep in my song my rap lines are wiretapped/ still I'm on a higher track now I'm so admire that/ I walk with a choir that/ sings when I'm speaking/ Inspiring the world I'm the King for a reason/ I bring every season/ an angel made from the broken wings of a heathen/ while others fell from grace kissed the rings of the demons/ saluted by the rulers of/ the nations of the free world caught in the computer buzz/ good reputation's a loan that brings future love/ blessed with the logic/ invented Freeconomy the next economics/ A rich man though there's nothing left in my pockets/ memory bank account cashed the checks of the prophets/ their never gone stop it, akashic, i push em to read/ there's books up my sleeve/ there ain’t a aim that i couldn't achieve/ I turn goals into gold like you wouldn't believe/ i'm a message for the world that they couldn't receive/ the phoenix king developed in a womb full of flame/ closed the door behind me entering the room where it rains and brought sunlight/ a cure for those used to the pain/ inspiration for the fallen what my music became/ I'm eternal in a form that I choose to remain/ till my purpose is fulfilled by/ the efforts of a man who landed here a million years ago and i'm still fly/ here we go/ I clearly show the will to proceed/ amongst music mercenaries here to kill us with greed/ …so let me put it blunt like i filled it with weed/ You can't stop evolution/ times in a spiral/ thousands of years ago i wrote rhymes in the bible/ shine amongst idols relics of broke statues developed it so natural/ my casual flow/ to drop lessons as a blessing so we gradually grow/ each at our own rate thats reality though/ i was born around may day/ soon they gone pray they/ escaped through the portal when i opened up the gateway.

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