My gold bullet collapse regimes like a pierced lung. Call me demagogue with sharp teeth and fierce tongue. Deliver speeches start riots watts 65. Words smoke, the beat blaze, lyrical Molotov. Ready for combat with combats and camouflage. The coup d'etat have your crew yelling sabotage. The stealth bomber, watch out for your karma. Hang your dirty exploits on the line like pissy laundra- laundry. Get your toughest armour. The moors storm your castle with they fez and black tassels you'se a goner. Broad swords Arabian horses is in the caravan, flanked by 40 torches burning sort of like a seraphim. Rooting out the low snakes in tall grasses. Rounding up the guilty like students with no hall passes. Let em spit and their flows is all savage. Cut out that child's play and let the gods have at it.

I'm over heads like space shuttles over stratosphere. Beginning verses got me ending tenured rap careers. The braniac solving theorems with a ball point. Cats confused cuz thinking is not their strong point. Well let me break it down to base level. I'm ace level. Verbal shrapnel got soft dudes wearing face metal. I swallow coal and spew diamonds out the jawpiece. I'm west born, but came of age in the Far East. Architectural jargon is flawless in construction. I write the blueprint for nations thru thoughtful rhyme instruction. My commandments demanding a proper introduction. That's why I spit a fly 16 over that fire production. Electric signals and water make mighty fine conduction. Transfer the message from ether into the mind's deductions. absorbing morsels of knowledge into your spinal structure. my catalogue is substantial refuse to rhyme for nothing.

Danger danger, she's got them angie davis eyes. The black lined, kohl stick, allahambran kind. Rap from geometric angles with my gold bangles. I like the clink that they make so I let em dangle. Sis got moxie floss in moccasins and all white kimonos my aura shine in my photos. I keep yall woke like some no-doz, I'm still a rookie but I know my way around a verse like a pro though. A tactician I'm tactfully crafting these strategies like I'm Hannibal on a pachyderm soldiers backing me. Im bout to civilize like garimantes did the romans, avert your eyes when queen is speaking please respect the royals. Keep me draped in fine silks and laced with dusky oils. Lips is mica stained and blinged out with gold foil. I'm out of place on this concrete and cold streets. Somebody get this earth mother to some black soil.

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