KMT(IC) Slim Presents: Sade ~ The Highest Elevation (Part I & II) ((Mixtape))

Sade- The Highest Elevation (No Ordinary DJ Mix)

Sade -The Highest Elevation (Wisdom Mix)

Disc 1 (No Ordinary DJ Mix)
1. Creating The Highest Elevation
2. The Safest Place
3. Cherish The Day (Live)
4. No Ordinary Love
5. DJ's Playin' The Same Song
6. King Of Sorrow (Guru Mix)
7. Jezebel (Jazzy Belle Mix)
8. Jazzy Belle- Outkast
9. My Three Wives (Shakyla Pt. 3)- Poor Righteous Teachers
10. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
11. Kiss Of Life
12. Doomsday- Mf Doom
13. Sade Is In Cee's Tapedeck
14. Sweetest Bamboo (KCK)- Cav Crew
15. Soldier of Love (Dj Critical Hype Mix)
16. Flow (mix)
17. Tabou- Les Nubians (Roots Remix)
18. Troubleman- Inspectah Deck
19. Paradise Mix
20. Keep Looking
21. The Moon And The Sky
22. Fear
23. Where Ya Heart At -Mobb Deep
24. The Pay Back- AZ
25. Like A Tattoo

Disc 2 (Wisdom Mix)
1. Folasade
2. I Never Thought I'd See The Day
3. Bullet Proof Soul
4. Rosado- Charles Hamilton
5. Skin
6. Every Word
7. Clean Heart
8. Hard Time Hustlin'- Krayzie Bone
9. Feel No Pain Mix
10. Slave Song
11. Pearls Mix
12. Why Can't We Live Together
13. I Will Be Your Friend
14. I Couldn't Love You More
15. By Your Side (Neptunes Mix)
16. In Another Time
17. Haunt Me
18. Mermaid
19. Bring Me Home

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