Simply Move In Love Everyday...

It's an issue that we all know but ain't nobody speaking bout -----everywhere let their demons out/ here's an exorcism better listen cuz the secrets out/ time that victoria speaks we want you complete/ reflect upon these words put this song on repeat/ inhale take a deep breath hold it long and release/ i understand your perspective/ with man your connected/ he raped you and pillage through the land you protected/ every woman i know by fam was molested/ ..they say the eyes are the souls window you opened yours and your soul jumped out i know your M.o/ ....missing father pains so deep it won't end though/ so dissatisfied with all men and let ya friends know/ mad cuz he left you/ or mad cuz he tried to stay/ mad becuz he checked you/ broke another mirror you mad you don't respect you/ angry at yourself you're mad that you neglect you/ for children that you really aint want/ you just had em to/ keep a man you pushed away mad cuz he aint marry you/ child support to get ya nails done/ out of spite alone hope he gets thrown in jail knowing he's got a wife at home/ plus a new baby you jealous without a righteous bone/ screaming like a loud bullhorn with 12 microphones/ always in a fighting zone/.... your light is unknown took flight from ya throne/ despite what is shown/ ya heart is so idle its stone/ and so pissed off/ wit ice on ya tongue and cold lip gloss/ bag lady carrying weight like old rick ross/ false advertising yourself feel so ripped off/ wit locs twisted hanging with shells, essential oil frankincense but ya brains in a cell/ imprisoned its clear with hate you remained within hell/ get rid of your fears this ancient spells lifted so cheer no misery here

metaphysically embodied the earth/ eternal people traveled space so you probably were first/ before the sand here/ For peace 'id rather walk on the clouds before i land here/ poltergeist you know it aint right who wants to stand near/ a dark cloud following/ miserable and pitiful residual anger infested frown hollow in/ ya heart chakra high blood pressure its astonishing/ you say that you're healed from your wounds it sounds promising/ a lost soul caught in the cold and found wandering/ my heart reaches/ out to ausar's pieces/ aset won't connect em forehead wit large creases/ anger is residual/ the hate makes you miserable/ but never see the root cuz the pain isn't physical/ you don't see the storm cuz the rain isn't visible/ mouth fast and furious/ the cure is just bliss/ health is wealth so the purity's this/ take a breath of fresh air let the sunlight nourish your lips/ sun kissed mahogany skin/ honey brown almondy blend/ whats it worth when you ain't polished within/ just because you're mad doesn't mean your karma will end/ what you do will still haunt you angry or not/ every action still costs you so aim for the top/ play your hand the best way can't change what you got/ but don't be underhanded or the table will stop/ ghetto heaven even angels get shot wit fates bullets can't dodge it your moves were too late when you pulled it/ the world couldn't trigger your hate without a full clip/ so unload the past regrets and broke promises/ grudges and revenge within demotes goddesses/ beauty and the beast you're pretty but pretty angry too/ still remain aligned with earth while volcanoes blew/ earthquakes/ hurricane winds and tornadoes too/ acid rains asking for pain inside of your womb/ attitude pollution the air your mind is in gloom/ you make the birds fall out the sky and fly to their doom/ became the wicked witch of the stress that flies on a broom/ you need to use for sweeping the mess inside your cocoon/ a butterfly with love in your eyes will rise when you bloom/ while true kings watch your mood swings inside of the moon/ so let them heal i know you're so tired of your wounds.

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