Ast ~ Aset ~ Isis (Decoded Hieroglyphics)

Ast is the personification of the Life Giving, Mother Force in creation and in all humans
"I Isis, am all that has been, all that is, or shall be;
and no mortal man hath ever unveiled me."

The 2 most important features which Ast encompasses are Love and Wisdom. Aset's undying Love and devotion to Asar transcended her loss of him twice. Her Love also caused the Resurrection of her son, Heru, as well. This divine devotion led her to discover the pieces of Asar's dead body. This is the devotion of the initiate which leads him/her to the Divine. All that is needed is a deep, passionate Love for the Divine.
The name "ISIS" represents Wisdom itSelf which bestows the KnowLedge of the True Self of the initiate. Aset is the Wisdom faculty within the heart of everyone which can be developed thru the practice of the teachings. This kind of Wisdom is not intellectual. When you go to school you get intellectual information which you use for a job to live in society but you remain the same personality. The Wisdom which Aset represents is the Wisdom that comes from Actually Experiencing the Divine, from being One with the Divine. This Wisdom has a  transformative effect on the mind. You discover your True identity as not being separate from God but as being One with the Supreme. When Aset imparts this Wisdom she is said to be unveiling her True Nature.
A devotee of ISIS is: One who ponders over sacred matters and seeks therein for hidden truth.
It is not enough to just hear the ancient myths or to Understand them on an intellectual level. The aspirant must go deep ~*~ within ~*~ him/herSelf to discover the subtle ideas being conveyed.
Watch The Throne
The goddess, who symbolizes creation itSelf, the physical U*N*I*verse, supports the incarnation of the soul (Asar). In this way, the physical (Aset) supports the spirit (Asar). This symbol of the goddess herSelf is the throne, and this is why the throne seat is where Asar is shown seated. The name Asar is spelled with the throne symbol, the eye symbol, and the male determinative.
The eye symbol in this manner means "to make," "create," "to do," or "engender." Therefore, the mystical symbolism of the name Asar is the essence, which procreates or comes into existence thru Aset.
The symbols of the name of Aset are the throne seat (("as")), the phonetic sign for "t", the determinative egg (symbol of motherhood), and the female determinative.

Asar and Aset are often referred to as "brother" & "sister". This relates to the idea that they come from the same parent, i.e. the same spiritual source. In ancient times men and women who married were also referred to as brother and sister. This had no relation to their parentage. Rather it relates to the mystical origins of All human beings. Essentially, we are all brothers and sisters. As our true nature is not man and woman but soul, and our parent, the U*N*I*vesal Spirit.
"she was a dark-skinned child and was called Khnemet-ankhet" or the living lady of love.
Thus, Aset also symbolizes the "blackness" of a vast unmanifest region of existence, Asar. In this capacity she is also the ultimate expression of the African ideal prototype of the Christian Madonna, especially in statues where she is depicted holding the baby Heru in the same manner as Mother Mary later held baby Jesus. 



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