KnowLedge No Ledge Se7eN (LivinG Ma'athematics)

Born To Be The Sole Controller Of The Universe...
Se7en iz considered sacred ~ The number of God & perfection. Se7en is a Spiritual number that symbolizes humanity's need to find purpose in the deeper levels of life and Spiritual connection to Divine Source.

Se7en iz the Heptad, the intellectual 'deep thinker', the Spiritual archeoloGist, investiGator, introspective & analytical loner. Discriminating and different, they are innate Geniuses and Great researchers. They can be pessimistic, suspicious & deceptive.

The 7th chakRa is the Crown ChakRa. 7 is G...God ~ the Sole (sol, soul) Controller of the Universe. That Self sent independent force on the physical plane...The God in You.

Se7en lucky Gods in Japanese mytholoGy, Buddha walked 7 steps at his birth, the Circle Se7en Koran is the holy scripture of the Moorish Science Temple of America. There are se7en major scale of musical notes: (The diatonic scale of se7en notes) C-D-E-F-G-A-B.
Almost all mammals have se7en cervical vertebrae, se7en is the atomic number of nitrogen, 7 is the neutral pH value between acidity and alkalinity

se7en Games in a playoff series, se7en colors in a rainbow, se7en heavens & there are se7en deadly sins: pride, envy, Gluttony, lust, anger, Greed, & sloth... and the only way to overcome them iz to Master the Self... Hru Vs Set ~ Ausarian RessurectionHiGher self & lower self.

Se7en deals with esoteric, scholarly aspects of maGic. Se7en deals with the activation of imaGination and manifestinG results in our lives throuGh the use of conscious thouGht & awareness. The Mind amplified to the HiGhest form of itz ability. With a deeper innerstandinG of the aspects of se7en, U can utilize itz maGical (((vibration))) to your own benefit, Control your U*N*I*verse, & KnowLedGe there's No LedGe to what U can do.

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