11:11 Kin*Gz (L1v1ng Ma'athematics)

To Be K1NG of a K1NG(dome), 1 must Be K1NG of Self & must exercise Self Control...

11 is a Master Number because it is a double digit of the same number. When this occurs the (((Vibrational)))
 frequency of the number doubles in Power. So in this case the attributes of 1 are doubled. 
11'z innerG represents: Higher ideals, Invention, Balance, Fulfillment, ENLIGHTENMENT!! Its the number of the Visionary and its highly intuitive, thoughtful, & inspirational.
1 who Knows Da Ledge of KnowLedge 
 You must have KnowLedge in order to be KinG and impart the KnowLedge on others so that there iz Peace through the Wisdom you speak with others to gain a Supreme Understanding.

11 reduced (1+1) is 2 which deals with duality, polarity, opposites brought into Balance. 2 is sensitive, intuitive, Feminine ~Wisdom~
So 11 represents male & female equality. It contains Sun innerG and Moon innerG simultaneously ~Perfect Balance. Ceeing constant reoccurances of 11 in our lives is a signal to be aware of our Balance~Maat. 11'z are messages asKING us if we are centered or off Balance.

11 is the number of Enlightenment or a gateway to Enlightenment that's often ceen symbolically represented by twin pillars erected on either side of an entrance to Ancient Temples. The pillars represent the entrance - the gateway - to the world of the initiate. The key to the Mysteries (source of True power) can be found behind the columns. This concept has been used in many cultures and schools of thought.

At 11:11am or pm (everyday) doors open giving us a good opportunity to go within 1~*~1 and manifest what we want in our lives.  

  11*11  innerG iz stronG and the Portal iz open. Take advantage & tap into the innerG or as alwayz......http://youtu.be/viekzvr0wO0

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