☥ Give th~ANKHs ☥ (Decoded Hieroglyphics)

I Never Rock A Crucifix, All Day I'm Steady Ankh'n It...
The Ankh is the symbol of the imperishable vital force of Life. The Ankh depicts 3 symbolic principles found in Creation: 
1. The Circle or The Shen Ring (feminine principle, womb, eternity, magnetically charged)

2. The Cross (male principle, phallic, that which is temporal, T.I.M.E & SPACE, electrically charged)

3. Unity or The Ankh Knot (holds the principles together ~ female/male, eternity/temporal, immortal/mortal, spirit/body ~ creating the human being)

Thus the Ankh refers to life in the form of a human being. An important feature of the Ankh is that it is made uP of 2 separable parts. The top (female) and bottom (male) are only "tied" together. Therefore, it is possible to loosen the "knots" or bonds that tie the Spirit to the body and thus make it possible for the Soul to attain Enlightenment.
The Ankh is also known as the "key of life." To Give an Ankh to someone in thought or deed is to wish that person life and health. GIVE thANKHs!!

The Yin Yang symbol and the Ankh both symbolize the balance between 2 forces of Life, positive/negative, 8uild/Destroy, light/dark, long/short, female/male, etc. If properly balanced & cultivated, the power of harmony (union of opposites) is formidable.
The similarity to the female symbol alludes to the regenerative, formative properties of the Ankh
The top of the Ankh represents the Shen, the Kemeic symbol of Eternity

Ankh can be pronounced Aung and used as a Hekau (word of Power or Mantra), chanting repeatedly (aloud or mentally) while concentrating on the meaning behind the symbolism. Staring at the symbols (alone or along with the Hekau) or simply concentrating on it mentally will help steady the Mind during concentration and meditation ☥~*~

Afrika Bambaataa... 
God Father of Hip Hop Culture...
Much thANKHs!!

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