EyE Cee...Uraeus~*~Udjat (Decoded Hieroglyphics)

Decoded Hieroglyphics In The Shrines For The Mummies... 
The Left EyE (Udjat) of Heru (Hru, Horus) symbolizes the "Power of the God of Light." It implies that one has attained all of the qualities as personified by Heru and gained mastery over the enemies of Asar/Osiris (ignorance, egoism, selfishness, disharmony, mental agitation, etc...MY INNER ME IZ MY ONLY ENEMY). Now one has a clear picture which is Understanding/Overstanding/Innerstanding &
Cee's Clearly From The 3rd EyE

The Right EyE of Ra, the uRAeus, represents the Life Force Power of the Spirit which animates matter. It is the EyE of Fire & Wrath and is the daughter of Ra, Goddess Hathor. Hathor commands the destructive Power of the Supreme Spirit (GOD).  
Ra turned the EyE of wrath into a rearing cobra which he put on his forehead to ward off enemies. This Uraeus head ornament was also used in ancient times to protect the 3rd EyE. The 3rd EyE or Ajna Chakra can be activated by continued meditation on the area of the forehead. Developing this InnerG center allows us to be in contact with the invisible world of the Spirit and thus, to CEE SPIRITUALLY.

The Right EyE of Heru (also known as the EyE of Ra (Uraeus) represents the Sun (Ra, Spiritual InnerG, Prana, Chi) and the Left EyE of Heru (Udjat) represents the Moon (Aset (Isis) Nature, Mental Power, Understanding). Together Heru is the combination of Spirit (Sun) and Body (Moon). This Balance gives One the Power to "CEE The Way" beyond Spirit and Matter.


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