SA-ROC: "FINE LINE" Produced by: SOL MESSIAH (Video/Lyrics)

They say itz better late than never--so here u have it---happy belated...
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R  U Listening?

On the brink of oblivion, blink-I might destroy ya, make you think I was Gideon. Ink can change a fine line from flat into Euclidean. Ninnies just cant explain how my verbage becomes an idiom. Figure of speech that get the low higher than happy lithium. Are u listening? i keep one ear open to whisperings of my granny the other can hear the sound of the heartbreak of broken families. right foot atop the rubble of concrete inside the jungle, left side is hovering slightly in space amidst the subtle. Play the middle like I'm- a mediator, living just like a human with blood of divine creator. Later for alma maters, greek letters and shiny gators. im finna be chanting oms thru the speakers of ampitheatres. im skating on the equator, just praying that we finally make it. goddess, give me peace and loads of patience. they say its better late than never--so here u have it---happy belated.

HOOK: theres a fine line between war and peace you see, they coming after me, but baby im stronger. Well there's a fine line between war and peace you see, but baby I'm on it.

Yeah im spacing, fresh and free without the basing. I stay in waking dream states, and hope that yall can stay relating. some say I need to make it plain, I get too fancy with it. I make it harder for jokers who feel like dancing with it. my rhythm conjuring spirits, they necromancing with it. they say im stuck in an era but they advancing with it. I wonder if I should toe the line and spit the rhymes that's safer, I try but those the ones that never make it off the paper. i swim for surface but the current seems to take me deeper. They said you'll always be a student but they'll call you teacher. The intellectuals, builders and finest jewelry seekers. Don't let it gas you every superhero has a weakness. Keep that Achilles heel hidden cuz fellas kryptoniting. Beware the jaws behind the smiles that seem the most inviting. They out for necks and best believe them sorry suckas biting. Lets call it inspiration flashing like a bolt of lightening.

Like it or not im in here for the long run. u ridin' please remain seated til I can get the song done. These the hardest bars I had to write, its too much pressure. id rather spit these lines than leave the truth up to conjecture. Now I thought I told this tale already on the journey. clearly itll take a few records for yall to learn me. too early to call it now but I think its quite safe for betting. The young contender step inside the ring opponent sweating. Never surrender. My backbone is stone like mastaba. I stay fully grounded like a pound of sweet cassava. Im a problem. Maybe more like conundrum. How she so lil and quiet but monstrous upon that micro? Some say its hereditary so maybe I got it proper. sweet just like my mama and cool just like my poppa. I always knew that I was born to keep the people rocking. 2 worlds one girl destined to be named a ghetto prophet.  

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